The Intrepide shoes Firm



Fashion is a game and Intrepide shoes got that right.

Chic, sexy, urban or genuine, be proud of the style you embody!
Discover the full range of Intrepide, from colorful, extravagant pieces to classy, subtle or
casual models so any Intrepides girl can find the shoes that fit her personality.



French inspired brand, Intrepides shoes were created with the purpose of offering
something new, unseen and trendy. Whether you are visiting our showroom or the Eshop,
we carry the same will to make trends, colours and quality rhyme together.

The creator is very concerned about the choice and quality of materials, fabrics and leather. Every piece comes with a 100% leather sole. The quality of our models comes from the strong alliance between professionals, creation and knows how, at a fair price so every one can enjoy.



Being an intrepide woman, is having 18, 20, 30, 40 years old.
It is about having an active life, but still manage to love the small pleasures of life.
It is about getting noticed through colours and prints.
It is about discovering the new trends and owning your own style.
It is about giving it all for your job, but still take the time to go out with your friends.
It is getting ready for an interview, and have a break to buy those fancy pumps for
Saturday night.

Our collections are for you, the women who dare and impose themselves.
Intrepide shoes is not only a firm, it is a lifestyle !

Quick, come and discover the essentials of your dressing..


Founder and designer

Hello girls, I am Ludivine. Far from Kim Kardashian or an international top model, I will
tell you how my passion for heels began.

When I was a child, I was very masculine, I grew up with boys, which forged my
personality from an early age.

I wore my first pair of real shoes during my business school audition; I still remember
the tiny heel on these ones! But the passion was there.
No more tomboy :)

After my graduation, I had the opportunity to travel and work overseas. This is where
everything started! Sketches, shoe creation… Here I come!

During my international experiences, I met sharp dressed ladies with 5 inches heels.
They walked the room gracefully, with class and harmony.

I trained days and nights not to be ridiculous. I started with 2,5cm then 5cm, and
through perseverance I can now stand tall on 16cm with class!

There is no miracle solution, « Where there is a will, there is always a way ».
In 2015, i wanted colourful shoes for the summer, impossible to find in Paris, nor on
the French web, there were only pastels (aarrgh)

Imagine the disappointment for somebody who loves colour and come out of the black…

Therefore, I decided to make my dream come true and produce my own creations.

That is why most of the shoes you will find on my website are fun, colourful and

Don’t let your heels intimidate you, dare to colour up!

See you soon, Ludi.

About Intrepides Shoes

Intrepides shoes is a brand conceived in France by our designer Ludivine.

Our main purpose : Making your platforms high shoes, your pumps, sandals or wedge heels compulsory elements in your dressing

Ludivine, a French designer, enforces her quality standards: Hand made, leather sole and premium fabrics on the full range.
The conception of our creations makes them unique and delightful to wear.