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  • Adopt a very feminine look wearing the Mini Lola Crazy platform shoe. The open end of the foot and the closing back bride subtly unveil the foot. The 0.7” platform is perfect to ensure balance and comfort throughout the day. zoom

  • With its magnificent tropical print and its 4.7” heel, this Mini Lola Exotik platform shoe will be perfect all season long. zoom

  • We love them! These pretty platforms are ideal in daily life. They give elegance to every woman. zoom

  • Acidulated and colourful, the Mini Lola Orange platform shoes are essential to enhance our soberest outfits. Their feminine design can be found here with their stiletto heel, an open end and a sensual bridle in the back of the foot. zoom

  • Wow! We all give in for this ultra-trendy pair of platform shoes. zoom

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About Intrepides Shoes

Intrepides shoes is a brand conceived in France by our designer Ludivine.

Our main purpose : Making your platforms high shoes, your pumps, sandals or wedge heels compulsory elements in your dressing

Ludivine, a French designer, enforces her quality standards: Hand made, leather sole and premium fabrics on the full range.
The conception of our creations makes them unique and delightful to wear.