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  • Who does not enjoy a little bit of flashy from time to time? You are a painting enthusiast, enjoying a little bit of craziness, you want extravaganza... Go for the Attractiv Orgie platform shoes by Intrepides-Shoes! Irresistible, these shoes will soon become a fashion asset in your shoe wardrobe! zoom

  • The final touch for your night out outfit, is a pair of sexy platform heels. Once again, allows you to get out of the ordinary thanks to your stripped colourful platform shoes. zoom

  • A perfect union between wild and glam, this is what this beautiful leopard platform offers. These high heels woman shoes are totally irresistible. Both seductive and modern, these platforms are perfect to help you face the urban jungle. The bridle dresses your foot and highlights it. zoom

  • Get a seductive look with the Lola Black. This time, we reverse the roles. Dare the colour in your clothing and sobriety in your shoes. zoom

  • Love your feet, give them a fashion side with this beautiful blue platform shoe. By combining vertiginous stiletto heels with platform wedge, this pair of shoes has an unrivalled comfort... So much you will not want to leave them. These platform adopts all the glamour and elegance codes to seduce us completely. zoom

  • We love the tropical prints on the Lola platform shoes. Freshness, originality, elegance, dynamism... Boost your outfits with these magnificent 1.5” platforms allowing a pleasant maintenance of the foot, while gaining height with its 6.2” heel. zoom

  • In any weather, keep that exotic side which will brighten your day. Let yourself fall for the chic of this shoe to be fashionable; platform wedge of 1.5” with a high and thin heel of 6.2”, no doubt the comfort is unrivalled. The design of this sumptuous platform is directed to women looking for sexy and feminine shoes. zoom

  • Built on a 6.2” stiletto heel, this green textile platform is a very feminine piece. Its ultra-feminine cuts are mounted on black discrete heels. We love its colour which gives pep to our trendy silhouettes in a pop and smart style. zoom

  • A very sleek line for this ultra-feminine platform. Want to be seen in daylight or night time, to catch the eye as the prettiest butterfly... This pair is made for you ! zoom

  • Spectacular! This Lola Rose gives us vertigo. We love its high heel and its platform which balances the form of the shoe. The minimalist and refined design of this platform is directed to women looking for sexy and feminine shoes. zoom

  • Own a seductive look, glamourous and sexy with Mini Lola Black platform shoes. Their feminine cut on the top of the foot is a real fashion and trendy promise for this season. zoom

  • Love your feet, give them a fashion side with this beautiful blue platform shoe by Intrépides Shoes. We are totally seduced by their deep blue colour and their fabric material for more comfort. zoom

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About Intrepides Shoes

Intrepides shoes is a brand conceived in France by our designer Ludivine.

Our main purpose : Making your platforms high shoes, your pumps, sandals or wedge heels compulsory elements in your dressing

Ludivine, a French designer, enforces her quality standards: Hand made, leather sole and premium fabrics on the full range.
The conception of our creations makes them unique and delightful to wear.